Samajhdari Episode 88

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 18 March 2010 17:11 )  


  1. Congratulations on winning your award, you are doing such vital work and tackling such difficult issues. We are a small charity helping vulnerable women in Kathmandu and are hoping to give all our women radios so they can listen to your program.
  2. all the best

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    About Samajhdari

    Research by Equal Access indicates that Women Living with HIV or AIDS and survivors of Violence Against Women are overlapping populations, meaning women experiencing domestic violence are at risk of HIV contraction and women with HIV or AIDS are at risk of violence.  The radio program Samajhdari, with sixty listening groups and one million more listeners, directly integrates voices from rural communities in audio collected by twelve 'community reporters' who are themselves WLHA or survivors of VAW, and addresses these twin pandemics and their interconnectedness in a 30-minute show broadcast weekly.  The programinstigates productive dialogues about sex, and teaches women how to speak unhesitatingly, think critically about their rights and choices and about the causes, consequences, and interconnectedness of HIV, AIDS and VAW, and organize collective actions to minimize them.
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